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YouTube is the world's largest video-sharing platform and it presents some of the best opportunities for influencer marketing. Let Pixly help you collaborate and create YouTube influencer marketing campaigns with top talent on YouTube.

Why Run Influencer Campaigns on YouTube?

YouTube, with its massive video collection and easy-to-use features, is a favorite for creators and viewers. We’ve found that YouTube promotes longer viewing sessions, and encourages engagement and interaction, creating a community feel among its users.

A key differentiator for our clients running campaigns on YouTube is how we can leverage YouTube’s algorithm, which tailors content recommendations to each individual user. This personalized approach enhances discoverability and ensures that the content we partner with influencers to create aligns with your audience’s interests.

The YouTube Audience: Who Are They?

One of the key strengths of YouTube is its ability to attract a diverse and global audience from various demographics. Whether you are a teenager interested in beauty and fashion, a tech enthusiast looking for the latest gadget reviews, or a cooking enthusiast searching for new recipes, you can find a wealth of content on YouTube that caters to your interests.

This diversity of content not only ensures that influencers can find their niche but also allows brands to reach a broader audience. With billions of active users worldwide, YouTube provides an ideal platform for brands aiming to connect with their target audience. By working with Pixly to partner with influencers who have established a loyal following, brands can tap into the influencer's audience and promote their products or services.

The Power of YouTube for Influencer Marketing

YouTube's dominance in the video platform landscape is undeniable. With billions of monthly active users, the platform offers huge potential for brands to increase their visibility and engagement. Influencers on YouTube have the unique ability to create authentic, long-form video content that allows them to build deeper connections with their audience.

Unlike other social media platforms that limit the length of content, YouTube provides influencers with the opportunity to share their thoughts, experiences, and expertise in a more comprehensive and detailed manner. This long-form video content enables influencers to showcase their personality, expertise, and creativity, making YouTube an influential channel for influencer marketing.


How We Approach Influencer Marketing on YouTube

Influencers on YouTube use various styles to create engaging and insightful videos for their viewers. Their content can be tutorials, reviews, vlogs, or simply fun and entertaining videos that align with their niche.

Within the world of influencer marketing on YouTube, there are two primary approaches: dedicated brand videos and product/service integrations. Both strategies have their unique advantages and challenges, and the choice ultimately depends on the marketing goals, target audience, and budget. To maximize the impact of influencer marketing on YouTube, brands should carefully consider these options and choose the best approach for their marketing goals.

Dedicated Videos

Dedicated brand videos are content pieces specifically created to promote a brand's products or services. In this approach, influencers develop 10-20 minute long videos that solely revolve around showcasing the brand, providing in-depth information, and highlighting its unique selling points. Throughout the video there are calls-to-action encouraging viewers to click the link in the video description.

Dedicated brand videos create a lasting impression on viewers as they offer a focused and immersive brand experience. These videos serve as a powerful tool for brands to communicate their message directly to their target audience, leveraging the influencer's creativity and storytelling abilities. Unlike other forms of advertising, where the brand's message may get lost in a sea of distractions, dedicated brand videos provide a dedicated space for the brand to shine.

Dedicated brand videos offer several advantages for both brands and influencers. Firstly, they provide brands with complete control over the messaging and presentation of their products. The influencer acts as a spokesperson, delivering key brand messages with enthusiasm and authenticity. By carefully crafting the content, brands can highlight the unique features and benefits of their offerings, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

For influencers, dedicated brand videos often come with higher compensation due to the exclusivity and effort required. This not only benefits the influencers financially but also motivates them to deliver their best work.

Video Integrations

Integrations involve seamlessly incorporating 60-90 seconds of a brand's product or service into the influencer's standard video content. Rather than creating a dedicated promotional piece, the influencer integrates the product into their videos, blending it with their own storytelling and strong calls-to-action at the start and end of the segment.

By seamlessly integrating the product into their content, influencers can ensure that the promotion feels more natural and less forced, enhancing engagement and relatability.

Integrations allow for a broader reach and exposure. Since the influencer's content is not solely focused on the brand, it has the potential to attract a wider audience who may not have actively sought out the brand's content, increasing brand awareness and visibility.



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We find the most fitting influencers for your brand using our insights-based matchmaking tools, historical performance metrics and comprehensive creator relationships.

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You evaluate and select the influencers that best align with your campaign vision.

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Influencers create engaging sponsored content guided by the campaign brief, delivering a tailored fit for your brand.

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We share each sponsorship draft for your approval, handling edit requests and guaranteeing full FTC compliance.

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We coordinate publish dates, ensuring that influencers post their sponsored content as instructed, complete with tracking links for measurement.

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With Pixly's analytics tools, you can monitor real-time campaign performance and optimize toward top performers.

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Crafting Your YouTube Influencer Marketing Campaign

It's essential to find influencers on YouTube whose style, content, and audience match your brand. When choosing influencers, we focus on their engagement, their reach, and how well they connect with their followers. We follow several important steps to develop a successful influencer program on YouTube:

Strategic Planning and Discovery

A thorough and detailed process to understand the target audience for the product or service. This step requires gaining insights into specific characteristics of your intended audience, including age, gender, location, interests, and even the devices or platforms they use. A detailed understanding of these aspects enhances the chances of identifying the most suitable YouTube influencers from the start of the campaign.

Audience Targeting and Research

The next step is to research YouTube influencers whose followers match the age, gender, interests, and other characteristics of the target audience. We begin by selecting specific content genres that fit the audience and plan a strategy for experimenting with subsequent test genres. Initially, it's important to explore a variety of content areas. This helps in collecting a broad range of data, which is essential for finding the most effective way to scale the influencer program.

Creating a Campaign Brief for Influencers

Creating a campaign brief for YouTube influencer marketing involves outlining essential elements to guide the influencers in content creation. The campaign brief should cover the following key elements:


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Product/Service Overview

A detailed description of the product or service the influencer will be promoting, including any relevant links to videos, guides, or articles.

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Product/Service Trial Details

Information on how the influencer can try the product or service.

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Campaign Goals

Clearly state what the aim is to achieve with the campaign.

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Key Messages and Talking Points

The main points the influencer should cover in their content.

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Deliverables Overview

Define clearly what is expected in terms of posts, videos, etc.

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Calls to Action and Disclosures

Specific actions the audience should take, along with any necessary legal disclosures.

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Guidelines (Do’s and Don’ts)

Establish clear boundaries on what is acceptable and what is not for the content.

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YouTube Influencer Recruitment and Onboarding

Once we’ve identified relevant YouTube profiles that align with the brand, the next step is to start contacting the influencers. We ensure that our messaging is straightforward and detailed, covering all essential aspects of the campaign. Thanks to our experience in activating tens of thousands of influencers, we have established direct relationships with both creators and their managers. This network allows us to consistently make contact with the right creators, obtain preferred pricing, and streamline the contracting process.

Rate Negotiation for Sponsorships

This step involves negotiating payment terms with influencers. Typically, the influencer or their manager will present an initial quote for the required deliverables. It's important to remember that this initial quote is usually open to negotiation, which means there's often an opportunity to reduce the cost to some extent. The negotiation process can vary significantly in duration, sometimes spanning days or even months, so patience is essential during this phase. It's also possible that an agreement on the rate might not always be reached. In such instances, it may be necessary to consider working with other influencers.

Reviewing Drafts and Managing Edits

After finalizing agreements, the focus shifts to assisting influencers in crafting compelling content. This involves making sure every aspect of the campaign is ready and that influencers are equipped with all they need to begin production. When influencers turn in their initial drafts, it's up to the brand to review these submissions. The brand then either approves the content as is or suggests required modifications. Should there be a need for adjustments, influencers will implement these changes and resubmit the content for final approval.

Launch and Performance Analysis

After giving final approval for the content, it's time for the content to be published. During this phase, we provide the influencer or their manager with specific call-to-action text and a unique tracking link for their post. We make sure to confirm with the influencer the exact time the post will be published and ensure that both the text and the link are correctly displayed in the post. To assess the performance of the post, we use the data from the tracking link.

Refining Your Influencer Marketing Approach

This stage is the process of fine-tuning the strategy following the completion of the initial influencer campaigns on YouTube. This refinement process begins by analyzing the performance data and characteristics of the influencers involved in the first campaign. The key steps include:

  • Identifying the most successful influencers and understanding the qualities that contributed to their effectiveness.
  • Seeking out similar influencers ("look-alikes") for future campaigns based on these successful traits.
  • Shifting focus towards high-performing influencers while gradually reducing collaboration with those who didn't perform as well.

By continuously following this approach, the influencer marketing program will become more refined and targeted. This ongoing refinement helps in understanding which types of influencers yield the best results, thus enhancing the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the influencer marketing program.

Disclosure Requirements for Influencer Sponsorships

YouTube and regulatory bodies expect influencers to disclose any material connection they have with brands in their content. It’s important that proper disclosure practices are followed to maintain transparency and comply with legal requirements.

The Future of Influencer Marketing on YouTube

Looking ahead, influencer marketing on YouTube shows no signs of slowing down. The platform's ability to foster genuine connections, combined with its vast reach and engagement, makes it a valuable space for brands to invest in. YouTube will remain a dominant force in the influencer marketing landscape as long as influencers continue to create compelling and authentic content.

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Turkish gaming heavyweight Masomo tapped Pixly to create an engaging influencer marketing campaign for their latest mobile sensation, Basketball Arena. The result? A slam-dunk campaign that exceeded sales goals and shot Basketball Arena up on the US Games App Store charts to an impressive #2 spot.

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Epic GamesEpic GamesEpic Games

Epic Games


Since Epic Games launched Fortnite in 2017, Pixly has been a dynamic extension of Epic’s user acquisition and marketing efforts, orchestrating the brand’s influencer marketing strategy. As their trusted partner for years, we're consistently rolling out successful influencer campaigns month after month. For example, our team powered Fortnite's explosive success within the creator landscape through a successful campaign (amassing 1 billion views and counting) that turned influencers into full-time Fortnite content creators.

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Turo, a leading car-sharing marketplace, connects people with the perfect vehicle for any occasion across the US, UK, and Canada. Turo had never ventured into influencer marketing and needed expert guidance to launch a successful influencer marketing program. With our strong connections to top automotive content creators, Pixly was the perfect partner for Turo to spark notable buzz and build brand awareness.

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Phoenix LabsPhoenix LabsPhoenix Labs

Phoenix Labs


Since 2019, Pixly has been the exclusive influencer agency partner for Dauntless, the free-to-play action role-playing game developed by Phoenix Labs. Not only did we deliver a unique influencer program that resonated with Dauntless’s unique gameplay and immersive world, but we surpassed 400 influencer activations on YouTube and Twitch, which garnered 50 million+ views.

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Sean Koble

Pixly has driven tens of thousands of new installs to our game, The Battle Cats. Their professionalism and commitment to communicating with our YouTuber partners have led to highly effective videos at cost-effective rates.

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Promotion and Marketing
Vasco Bernardo

We've been working with Pixly for over 3 years and not only have we developed an excellent professional relationship with the team, we've also been able to scale our endeavors effectively. On multiple occasions we needed support in our campaigns and Pixly was incredibly reliable and helped us in the best possible way, both in performance and brand awareness campaigns.

Vasco Bernardo
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Pixly has proven to be an excellent partner - they work extremely efficiently and continuously manage to put fitting talent and successful campaigns forward. They've helped us bring our influencer marketing to new heights!

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Pixly is our long-term partner, and we are pleased to collaborate with them. They are professional and dedicated, and they have helped us find the right talents and achieve amazing results.

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