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Why Run Influencer Campaigns on Twitch?

A strong sense of community sets Twitch apart from other streaming platforms. Twitch initially focused on live-streaming video games, where it’s the undisputed leader in the industry. It has since expanded to include music, art, talk shows, and more. This diversification has contributed to Twitch's growing popularity. With millions of viewers tuning in to watch their favourite streamers and interact with them in real-time, Twitch is the go-to platform for live content.

Twitch is great for influencer marketing because the live streaming format allows for direct interaction between streamers and viewers, creating a more intimate and engaging experience.

And Twitch's community-driven nature fosters a sense of trust and authenticity, which is the key to successful influencer marketing. Brands can leverage these qualities to create more meaningful connections with their target audience.

Benefits of Twitch as a Digital Marketing Play

Reach: Twitch offers an enormous reach for brands to engage with their target audience in a live format. The Twitch audience is passionate, spending an average of over two hours on the platform each day which provides brands with opportunities to connect with their target customers.

Credibility: Twitch streamers have established themselves in their respective niches and have built loyal communities of followers. These streamers have established trust and credibility with their audience, making their recommendations and endorsements more impactful. Brands can tap into this influence by collaborating with streamers to promote their products or services.

Engagement: Twitch users are not just passive viewers. They actively participate in the content they consume, engaging with streamers through reactions, chat, donations, and subscriptions. This high level of interactivity creates a sense of community and fosters a deeper connection between streamers and their audience. As a result, viewers are more likely to be receptive to brand promotions and recommendations, making influencer marketing on the platform even more effective.


Types of Influencer Activations on Twitch

Dedicated Livestreams

Dedicated livestreams on Twitch offer an immersive and focused way to showcase your game, product, service, or event. In this type of activation, a streamer devotes an entire livestream — usually spanning two to four hours — exclusively to your brand. This dedication ensures that your offering is the central theme of the stream, capturing the audience's full attention.

The streamer enhances the experience by integrating custom overlays and banner images that resonate with your brand's aesthetics and messaging. These visual elements not only make the stream visually appealing but also reinforce your brand's presence throughout the session.

An interactive chatbot is enabled to actively engage viewers. This chatbot not only answers queries and provides information in real-time but also features clickable calls-to-action (CTAs). These CTAs, strategically placed throughout the stream, encourage viewers to take specific actions, like visiting a website, signing up for a service, or making a purchase.

This type of influencer activation on Twitch is particularly effective due to its interactive nature and the deep level of engagement it fosters. The live format allows for instant feedback and interaction. Streamers can also conduct live demonstrations, host Q&A sessions, and offer exclusive insights, making the experience informative and entertaining for their audience. All these elements combined make dedicated livestreams a powerful format for influencer marketing on Twitch.

Extended Sponsorships

Extended sponsorships on Twitch provide a long-term, consistent approach to influencer marketing. In this format, a streamer incorporates brand promotions into their regular content schedule, typically once or twice a week during periods of peak viewership. This ongoing exposure can span several weeks or months, depending on the campaign's duration, offering sustained visibility for your brand.

Each brand promotion segment within the stream lasts about two to five minutes, striking a balance between highlighting the brand and maintaining the stream's natural flow. This brief but focused duration is long enough to capture viewers' attention and convey key messages without disrupting the overall streaming experience.

To enhance the impact of these promotions, custom overlays and banner images tailored to the brand’s visual identity are used. These elements are strategically placed to attract viewers' attention while complementing the stream's content.

Additionally, the interactive chatbot is integrated into the stream. This chatbot serves multiple purposes: it provides viewers with more information about the brand and includes clickable calls-to-action.

Extended sponsorships are particularly effective for building brand recognition and recall over time. The repeated exposure helps cement the brand in the minds of the viewers, and the interactive elements of the stream encourage engagement and direct action. This type of activation is ideal for brands looking to establish a more lasting connection with their target audience through regular touchpoints on Twitch.



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We find the most fitting influencers for your brand using our insights-based matchmaking tools, historical performance metrics and comprehensive creator relationships.

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You evaluate and select the influencers that best align with your campaign vision.

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Influencers create engaging sponsored content guided by the campaign brief, delivering a tailored fit for your brand.

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We share each sponsorship draft for your approval, handling edit requests and guaranteeing full FTC compliance.

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We coordinate publish dates, ensuring that influencers post their sponsored content as instructed, complete with tracking links for measurement.

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With Pixly's analytics tools, you can monitor real-time campaign performance and optimize toward top performers.

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Building Successful Partnerships with Twitch Streamers

Mastering influencer marketing campaigns on Twitch demands strategic partnerships with streamers, an area where Pixly is exceptionally adept. Clear expectations, open lines of communication, and mutual trust are key components of building successful partnerships. Close collaboration with streamers is key to developing authentic content that genuinely resonates with the target audience. By understanding the platform and leveraging the right streamers, brands can unlock the full potential of influencer marketing on Twitch.

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Winning with Influencers




Turkish gaming heavyweight Masomo tapped Pixly to create an engaging influencer marketing campaign for their latest mobile sensation, Basketball Arena. The result? A slam-dunk campaign that exceeded sales goals and shot Basketball Arena up on the US Games App Store charts to an impressive #2 spot.

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Epic GamesEpic GamesEpic Games

Epic Games


Since Epic Games launched Fortnite in 2017, Pixly has been a dynamic extension of Epic’s user acquisition and marketing efforts, orchestrating the brand’s influencer marketing strategy. As their trusted partner for years, we're consistently rolling out successful influencer campaigns month after month. For example, our team powered Fortnite's explosive success within the creator landscape through a successful campaign (amassing 1 billion views and counting) that turned influencers into full-time Fortnite content creators.

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Turo, a leading car-sharing marketplace, connects people with the perfect vehicle for any occasion across the US, UK, and Canada. Turo had never ventured into influencer marketing and needed expert guidance to launch a successful influencer marketing program. With our strong connections to top automotive content creators, Pixly was the perfect partner for Turo to spark notable buzz and build brand awareness.

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Phoenix LabsPhoenix LabsPhoenix Labs

Phoenix Labs


Since 2019, Pixly has been the exclusive influencer agency partner for Dauntless, the free-to-play action role-playing game developed by Phoenix Labs. Not only did we deliver a unique influencer program that resonated with Dauntless’s unique gameplay and immersive world, but we surpassed 400 influencer activations on YouTube and Twitch, which garnered 50 million+ views.

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Sean Koble

Pixly has driven tens of thousands of new installs to our game, The Battle Cats. Their professionalism and commitment to communicating with our YouTuber partners have led to highly effective videos at cost-effective rates.

Sean Koble
Promotion and Marketing
Vasco Bernardo

We've been working with Pixly for over 3 years and not only have we developed an excellent professional relationship with the team, we've also been able to scale our endeavors effectively. On multiple occasions we needed support in our campaigns and Pixly was incredibly reliable and helped us in the best possible way, both in performance and brand awareness campaigns.

Vasco Bernardo
Global Influencer Marketing Manager
Anissa Nehls

Pixly has proven to be an excellent partner - they work extremely efficiently and continuously manage to put fitting talent and successful campaigns forward. They've helped us bring our influencer marketing to new heights!

Anissa Nehls
Senior Marketing Manager
Rūta Chatkevičė

Pixly is our long-term partner, and we are pleased to collaborate with them. They are professional and dedicated, and they have helped us find the right talents and achieve amazing results.

Rūta Chatkevičė
Influencer Marketing Director