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Unlock the potential of podcast sponsorship as a powerful tool for your business. By strategically placing ads in podcasts, you engage with highly specific and devoted audiences, setting the stage for brand engagement. However, the key to reaping the benefits from podcast sponsorships lies in a deep understanding of the medium and the careful selection of the right podcast partners.

Understanding Podcast Sponsorships

Sponsoring a podcast involves forming a partnership with podcast creators, where you financially support their show in exchange for promoting your products or services. This arrangement can be for a single episode or span across multiple episodes, tailored to the specifics of the sponsorship agreement. Additionally, there are various methods to incorporate advertisements into podcasts, which we'll explore further.

This form of advertising creates a mutually beneficial scenario. For podcasters, securing sponsorships is a valuable strategy to monetize their creative work. It opens up an additional revenue stream, making it especially beneficial for independent creators who are looking to cover production costs and sustain their podcasting efforts. On the flip side, sponsors find podcasts to be an attractive platform for advertising. It allows them to tap into the unique and engaging world of podcasting, effectively reaching dedicated audiences through a medium that continues to grow in popularity and influence.

Here’s why you should consider sponsoring podcasts:

Leveraging Niche and Captive Audiences

Podcasts offer a unique advantage with their specialized and dedicated audiences. These listeners actively choose their content, resulting in highly targeted demographics that are often challenging to find through other marketing channels. Moreover, podcasts typically focus on specific topics and themes, presenting a prime opportunity for sponsors. If you can align your product or business with a podcast that resonates closely with your niche, you're likely to connect with an audience that will have a genuine interest in what you have to offer.

Building Brand Trust with Podcasts' Loyal Audiences

The podcast medium inherently fosters strong, ongoing relationships between hosts and their audiences. Platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts enable listeners to subscribe, creating a loyal base that consistently returns for new content. This loyalty signifies a deep level of trust and credibility established by the podcast hosts. For sponsors, tapping into this established trust can be highly beneficial, as it lends credibility and positive association to their brand as well.

Maximizing the Benefits of Podcast Platforms

Understanding the influence of podcasts is one thing, but starting your own can be a resource-intensive endeavour. Sponsoring an existing podcast allows you to tap into this medium with minimal effort on your part. By identifying shows that align with your business niche, you can effectively reach your target audience, leveraging the podcast's established platform and influence to enhance your marketing strategy.


Podcast Advertising Formats: Host-Read and Dynamic Ads

Host-Read Ads

In this format, the podcast host dedicates a segment of their show to discuss your product or service. This approach feels more authentic and engaging than standard pre-recorded advertisements. The host often shares their personal experience with your offering, making a genuine recommendation to their audience. A key benefit of this style is its seamless integration into the show, as it maintains the host's voice and reduces the sense of disruption for listeners.

Dynamic Ads

Dynamic ads are pre-recorded but offer a unique twist. They leverage listener data, such as cookies and ad-server technology, to tailor the ad experience. This means that each listener may hear different ads, customized based on their browsing behaviors. This approach not only creates a more relevant ad experience for the listener but also allows your advertisement to be featured across an entire series of podcast episodes, rather than being limited to specific ones.

Ad Placement in Podcasts

In podcast advertising, ad placement plays a crucial role in audience engagement. Generally, there are three distinct segments where ads can be positioned within an episode:

  • <span class="text-color-gold">Pre-roll Ads:</span> Positioned at the beginning, before the episode starts.
  • <span class="text-color-gold">Mid-roll Ads:</span> Inserted during the episode, offering a strategic break.
  • <span class="text-color-gold">Post-roll Ads:</span> Placed at the end, after the episode concludes.

Among these, mid-roll ads hold the highest value. Their strategic placement within the content means listeners are less inclined to skip them, leading to better engagement. Consequently, due to their effectiveness, mid-roll ads tend to be the most premium-priced option.

Understanding Podcast Sponsorship Costs

When it comes to the cost of sponsoring a podcast, there's no one-size-fits-all answer. The budget required varies based on several factors, including the specifics of the sponsorship agreement and the individual podcaster's pricing strategy. Podcasters have the flexibility to set their rates, leading to a diverse range of sponsorship costs. Let's delve into some of the key elements that can influence the price of a podcast sponsorship:

Ad Placement

As mentioned earlier, the cost of your ad placement in a podcast can vary depending on its location within the episode. Typically, pre-roll and post-roll ads are more budget-friendly options compared to mid-roll ads. The latter, due to their prime positioning within the episode's content, usually command a higher price point.

Value of Niche and Captive Audiences

Contrary to initial assumptions, smaller podcasts may sometimes command a higher CPM (Cost Per Mille). This is attributed to their provision of a niche and captive audience that is extremely targeted. Their specific focus often delivers higher engagement rates, making these audiences particularly valuable for advertisers seeking to connect with a specific demographic or interest group.

Different Sponsorship Deal Types

The type of sponsorship deal you opt for will significantly influence the budget required. There are various sponsorship formats available, each tailored to meet the diverse needs of both sponsors and podcasters. The nature and terms of the partnership you choose will play a key role in determining the cost of the sponsorship.

CPM Rates

CPM, which stands for 'cost per mille,' refers to the cost per thousand impressions or plays of your ad. It's a common metric used to gauge advertising costs, particularly in relation to a podcast's listenership.

Custom Sponsorship Deals

Should you or your agency partner have a relationship with a podcast host or management, there's an opportunity to negotiate a custom sponsorship deal. This arrangement allows both parties to agree on a price that suits their respective needs and interests. It's worth noting that these personalized deals may not always align with standard industry rates, offering a unique flexibility in the partnership.

Agency or Direct Approach

There are generally two routes to building out an effective podcast marketing program:

Engaging an Agency or Third Party:

Consider leveraging the expertise of a specialized media advertising agency or a podcast hosting platform. At Pixly, for example, we excel in developing tailored, performance-driven podcast marketing strategies that connect your brand with engaged podcast audiences.

Direct Approach:

Alternatively, you can directly reach out to podcasts. If you find a podcast that perfectly targets your audience, don’t hesitate to propose a sponsorship directly to the host. However, keep in mind that going this route may mean missing out on the relationship-based pricing, insights-based matchmaking, and full management services offered by an agency like Pixly. A direct approach demands more effort and resources from your brand's end.



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We find the most fitting influencers for your brand using our insights-based matchmaking tools, historical performance metrics and comprehensive creator relationships.

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You evaluate and select the influencers that best align with your campaign vision.

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Influencers create engaging sponsored content guided by the campaign brief, delivering a tailored fit for your brand.

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We share each sponsorship draft for your approval, handling edit requests and guaranteeing full FTC compliance.

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We coordinate publish dates, ensuring that influencers post their sponsored content as instructed, complete with tracking links for measurement.

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With Pixly's analytics tools, you can monitor real-time campaign performance and optimize toward top performers.

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Measuring Engagement in Podcast Sponsorships

After finalizing your podcast sponsorship deal, the real work begins: tracking and understanding the impact of your ads. To quantitatively measure your return on investment, we use these effective methods as a baseline:


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Tracking Clicks

Provide the podcast host with a unique, memorable URL to include in your ad, as well as in the podcast transcript and show notes. This dedicated URL will allow you to monitor click-through rates, giving you insight into how many listeners are engaging with your ad.

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Unique Coupon Codes

Offering a special coupon or discount code in your ad not only enhances its appeal to listeners but also serves as an efficient tool to track ad performance. By monitoring the usage of these codes, you can gauge the direct impact of your podcast advertising efforts.

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Turkish gaming heavyweight Masomo tapped Pixly to create an engaging influencer marketing campaign for their latest mobile sensation, Basketball Arena. The result? A slam-dunk campaign that exceeded sales goals and shot Basketball Arena up on the US Games App Store charts to an impressive #2 spot.

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Epic Games


Since Epic Games launched Fortnite in 2017, Pixly has been a dynamic extension of Epic’s user acquisition and marketing efforts, orchestrating the brand’s influencer marketing strategy. As their trusted partner for years, we're consistently rolling out successful influencer campaigns month after month. For example, our team powered Fortnite's explosive success within the creator landscape through a successful campaign (amassing 1 billion views and counting) that turned influencers into full-time Fortnite content creators.

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Turo, a leading car-sharing marketplace, connects people with the perfect vehicle for any occasion across the US, UK, and Canada. Turo had never ventured into influencer marketing and needed expert guidance to launch a successful influencer marketing program. With our strong connections to top automotive content creators, Pixly was the perfect partner for Turo to spark notable buzz and build brand awareness.

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Phoenix Labs


Since 2019, Pixly has been the exclusive influencer agency partner for Dauntless, the free-to-play action role-playing game developed by Phoenix Labs. Not only did we deliver a unique influencer program that resonated with Dauntless’s unique gameplay and immersive world, but we surpassed 400 influencer activations on YouTube and Twitch, which garnered 50 million+ views.

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Sean Koble

Pixly has driven tens of thousands of new installs to our game, The Battle Cats. Their professionalism and commitment to communicating with our YouTuber partners have led to highly effective videos at cost-effective rates.

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We've been working with Pixly for over 3 years and not only have we developed an excellent professional relationship with the team, we've also been able to scale our endeavors effectively. On multiple occasions we needed support in our campaigns and Pixly was incredibly reliable and helped us in the best possible way, both in performance and brand awareness campaigns.

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Pixly has proven to be an excellent partner - they work extremely efficiently and continuously manage to put fitting talent and successful campaigns forward. They've helped us bring our influencer marketing to new heights!

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Pixly is our long-term partner, and we are pleased to collaborate with them. They are professional and dedicated, and they have helped us find the right talents and achieve amazing results.

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