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What we do

The Pixly Difference

Precise Matchmaking

Our seasoned team uses data-driven tools and deep creator relationships to activate the most fitting influencers for your brand - at the most competitive prices.

Performance Driven

Leading brands trust Pixly for our unmatched results. Engage your target audience, exceed key metrics, and scale efficiently with our campaign management, tracking, and reporting solutions.

Tailor Made for Success

We're not just experts - we're enthusiasts committed to crafting and executing strategies specifically tailored to your brand, turning your influencer program vision into reality!

End-to-End Management

Our streamlined process makes managing, reviewing, approving, scaling and measuring your influencer activity a breeze. We handle the heavy lifting so you can focus on the results.

Content Platforms

Custom Influencer Programs


Dedicated Videos

Comprehensive brand promotions where the video content is dedicated to showcasing your brand, usually lasting 10 to 20 minutes, where the influencer engages viewers with product features and enticing calls-to-action, encouraging them to click the link in the video description.

Video Integrations

Brand promotions that are seamlessly integrated into the influencer's standard video content, usually lasting 60 to 90 seconds, complete with product features and strong calls-to-action at the start and end of the segment.


Dedicated Livestreams

The streamer dedicates a full livestream, typically lasting two to four hours, to promote your game, product, service or event, incorporating custom overlays, banner images and a chatbot, complete with clickable calls-to-action.

Extended Sponsorships

The streamer integrates the brand promotions once or twice a week during peak viewership for a long-term campaign, with each promotion lasting between two to five minutes and featuring custom overlays, banner images and a chatbot with clickable calls-to-action.

Instagram & TikTok

Instagram In-Feed Posts

Influencers share an engaging image or video post to express their enthusiasm for your product, including an enticing description, promo code, hashtags and a call-to-action, inviting fans to click the link in their bios.

Instagram Stories

Brand promotions, typically comprising one to three frames of images or videos that’ll disappear after a day, spread excitement about your product or service, motivating fans to engage by tapping the linked sticker.

Tiktok/Instagram Reels

A bite-sized video featuring full or partial brand promotion, including caption text, promo codes, hashtags and a call-to-action, are all designed to encourage fans to explore further by clicking the link in their bio.


Evergreen/Baked-In Ads

These 60-second host-read ads are integrated into episodes that feature the hosts personally endorsing the brand by sharing authentic experiences and harnessing the trust of their listeners for enduring, long-tail engagement.

Dynamic Ad Insertion

Pre-recorded ads available in 15-, 30- or 60-second durations are dynamically inserted into episodes for streaming or downloading, with flexible options for host-voiced endorsements or generic ads, tailored to your buying preferences by show or audience segment.


Campaign Life Cycle

Pixly delivers an efficient end-to-end solution rooted in custom strategies and data insights.



We find the most fitting influencers for your brand using our insights-based matchmaking tools, historical performance metrics and comprehensive creator relationships.



You evaluate and select the influencers that best align with your campaign vision.



Influencers create engaging sponsored content guided by the campaign brief, delivering a tailored fit for your brand.



We share each sponsorship draft for your approval, handling edit requests and guaranteeing full FTC compliance.



We coordinate publish dates, ensuring that influencers post their sponsored content as instructed, complete with tracking links for measurement.



With Pixly's analytics tools, you can monitor real-time campaign performance and optimize toward top performers.

Case studies

Winning with Influencers




Turkish gaming heavyweight Masomo tapped Pixly to create an engaging influencer marketing campaign for their latest mobile sensation, Basketball Arena. The result? A slam-dunk campaign that exceeded sales goals and shot Basketball Arena up on the US Games App Store charts to an impressive #2 spot.

Sponsored Youtube Videos
YouTube Video Views
US Games App Store
Influencer Spotlights
Epic GamesEpic GamesEpic Games

Epic Games


Since Epic Games launched Fortnite in 2017, Pixly has been a dynamic extension of Epic’s user acquisition and marketing efforts, orchestrating the brand’s influencer marketing strategy. As their trusted partner for years, we're consistently rolling out successful influencer campaigns month after month. For example, our team powered Fortnite's explosive success within the creator landscape through a successful campaign (amassing 1 billion views and counting) that turned influencers into full-time Fortnite content creators.

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Youtube Views
Players in under a year, a cultural Impact
Gross Revenue generated by Fortnite
Influencer Spotlights



Turo, a leading car-sharing marketplace, connects people with the perfect vehicle for any occasion across the US, UK, and Canada. Turo had never ventured into influencer marketing and needed expert guidance to launch a successful influencer marketing program. With our strong connections to top automotive content creators, Pixly was the perfect partner for Turo to spark notable buzz and build brand awareness.

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Video views
Influencer Spotlights
Phoenix LabsPhoenix LabsPhoenix Labs

Phoenix Labs


Since 2019, Pixly has been the exclusive influencer agency partner for Dauntless, the free-to-play action role-playing game developed by Phoenix Labs. Not only did we deliver a unique influencer program that resonated with Dauntless’s unique gameplay and immersive world, but we surpassed 400 influencer activations on YouTube and Twitch, which garnered 50 million+ views.

Sponsored Youtube Videos
YouTube Video Views
Sponsored Twitch Streams
Influencer Spotlights

Hear From Our Clients

Sean Koble

Pixly has driven tens of thousands of new installs to our game, The Battle Cats. Their professionalism and commitment to communicating with our YouTuber partners have led to highly effective videos at cost-effective rates.

Sean Koble
Promotion and Marketing
Vasco Bernardo

We've been working with Pixly for over 3 years and not only have we developed an excellent professional relationship with the team, we've also been able to scale our endeavors effectively. On multiple occasions we needed support in our campaigns and Pixly was incredibly reliable and helped us in the best possible way, both in performance and brand awareness campaigns.

Vasco Bernardo
Global Influencer Marketing Manager
Anissa Nehls

Pixly has proven to be an excellent partner - they work extremely efficiently and continuously manage to put fitting talent and successful campaigns forward. They've helped us bring our influencer marketing to new heights!

Anissa Nehls
Senior Marketing Manager
Rūta Chatkevičė

Pixly is our long-term partner, and we are pleased to collaborate with them. They are professional and dedicated, and they have helped us find the right talents and achieve amazing results.

Rūta Chatkevičė
Influencer Marketing Director

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